Thursday, June 10, 2004

Election 2004: Hispanic Vote

Election 2004: Hispanic Vote

Rev. Luis Cortes
8th Congressional District
Friday, June 4, 2004; 12:00 PM

On Friday U.S. Commerce Secretary Don Evans, U. S. Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.), U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) and others will join over 500 Hispanic pastors from across the U.S. in the Third Annual National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast. Hosted by Nueva Esperanza, Inc., the attendees will discuss the role of the Hispanic faith community both locally and nationally.

Rev. Luis Cortes, founder and president of Nueva Esperanza, discussed the role of Hispanics in the 2004 election and Friday's National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C.

The transcript follows.

Editor's Note: moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions.


Wilkes-Barre, Pa.: Rev. Cortes, thank you for participating in this online session. My question involves the story published yesterday regarding an email sent by the Bush campaign to churches in Pennsylvania seeking their help in the election. The Bush campaign apparently wants to enlist members of "Friendly Congregations" to distribute campaign information and register voters at church. What is your position on the appropriate role for churches in politics, particularly involving advocacy for a specific candidate in an election?

Also, have hispanic churches been targeted by the Bush campaign as "Friendly Congregations"? If so, how does your organization advise congregations regarding participation in partisan politics, regardless of the political party involved?

Rev. Luis Cortes: Congregations are made up of individuals who are citizens. Each congregation has its own way of functioning as an institution, so if it is in the ethos of the congregation to be active in whatever social or political issue it becomes feasible for them to become politically involved. Both parties have supporters in all facets of the church and in all different faiths, so that in one sense it is part of the democratic process and congregations have a social right to decide how much political involvement they would have

I happen to know that both parties have interests in communicating with Hispanic congregations within the US and we advise our congregations to listen to all candidates, review the candidates as best they can, prioritize issues of importance and make whatever decision or pronouncement they choose to make. What Esperanza USA provides to congregations is a rubric that asks them to prioritize Latino agendas such as immigration, public school education, welfare reform, health care and issues of that nature that are more particular to Hispanic issues and communities.


Detroit, Mich.: What concerns does Nueva Esperanza want Kerry and Bush to address in this presidential campaign?

Rev. Luis Cortes: First and foremost is immigration: the need to clear up immigration law which today ranks second in complexity only to tax law, but it keeps many families divided unjustly.

Secondly, public education because our future is in our youth and we are very young people in this country in terms of age. The key for us to move out of poverty and be productive in our country rests in public education.

Thirdly would be issues of healthcare. Specifically we are over represented in diabetes, asthma, some particular cancers and HIV/AIDS.


Hunsterville, N.C.: It appears that Bush is holding his own with Hispanics. How can this be when the vast majority of the GOP base would like nothing more than to see most Hispanics deported?

Rev. Luis Cortes:
President Bush because of his experience in Texas with the Hispanic community has been able to communicate with the Latino populous in the U.S. Hispanics in the U.S. challenge and transform the liberal-conservative black-white Republican-Democrat divide because we are morally and ethically conservative but socially and economically liberal as a people. We don't fit the prototypes of the two parties. As such there is opportunity for both parties to recruit. Every year there are over 800,000 new Hispanic voters. There are close to 10 million native born Hispanics under the age of 18.


San Diego, Calif.: How do you anticipate the Latino turnout to be on election day? How do your projections compare to past elections? In roughly what proportion do you expect them to vote for Kerry as opposed to Bush?

Rev. Luis Cortes: In the last election approximately 35 percent of the Latinos who voted, voted for George Bush - which was the highest that any Republican had ever gotten. My assumption is that he will maintain or increase that amount, but there will be many more Hispanics voting because I think voter turnout will be very high in this election.


Concord, N.H.: Rev. Cortes:

Thanks for taking our questions. I understand that you are Protestant and not Catholic. Nevertheless, given the large number of Catholic Hispanics, I am wondering how you and your organization view the calls by the Vatican and some American Bishops for Catholics to vote based on their faith -- at least on abortion, but not, apparently, on the death penalty or the war in Iraq.

Rev. Luis Cortes: We have studies that say that of the 40 million Hispanics in the US 8 million are protestant and there is a small percentage are other groups and the rest are Roman Catholic. I believe that every religious institution has a fundamental right to tell its constituency what to do. Each individual within that institution needs to examine their conscience and make a decision whether they are going to follow their faith leaders or their religious hierarchy. But fundamentally it is important to understand that all faith groups have the right to express their opinion and make any decrees about ethics and morality as they choose.


Columbus, Ohio: If John Kerry were to pick Bill Richardson as his Veep, how do you think the Latino community would respond to a latino on the ticket? Would Kerry garner more support and higher turnout than Gore did in 2000? And, do you think that any whites who would vote Democrat would withold their vote because of Richardson's presence on the ticket?

Rev. Luis Cortes: Obviously a Latino Vice Presidential candidate would excite the Latino community, so I believe it would excite the Democratic base in addition to which it might influence and bring over to the democratic party people who are undecided -- both Latino individuals and other progressives who are undecided. But of course there would be a small group who would be reactionary who probably would not vote at all.


Rochester, N.Y.: Will there be any vote in the near future for statehood for Puerto Rico?

Rev. Luis Cortes: There are two facets to an answer there. First of all there is an entire issue about who should make that decision. Currently it is Congress that would have to decide that through vote and in a very real sense there should be a referendum by the people of Puerto Rico to see what they desire. It is quite complicated because there are 3 million Puerto Ricans living in the mainland of the US and there are many property owners and residence in Puerto Rican who are culturally not Puerto Rican. So who votes and how we decide is the first hurdle and obstacle in addressing that question.


Silver Spring, Md.: You said, "I believe that every religious institution has a fundamental right to tell its constituency what to do." What gives any human this right?

Rev. Luis Cortes: In the United States of American every citizen and every resident is guaranteed freedom of speech and religion. For Christian people we also believe in freedom of conscience therefore we believe that every human being has the freedom to express their opinions to others - not to impose them, but to share them - and every human being has a right to reject them.


Rev. Luis Cortes: First I want to thank everyone who shared a question and I hope I have been helpful in answering them. I do want people to know that the Hispanic community is an eclectic one. We do have things within our culture that make us unique - our food, language, we are morally and ethnically conservative, we are socially and economically liberal and we have high aspirations for our future in America. We are a hard working people. Per capita we have more small business than other communities. We are also a deeply religious people. A Pew Charitable Trust study showed that Hispanics are the most religious group in America -- we participate in more religious services than any other group. As a people of faith we look forward to our continued integration into American society. Thanks again for the opportunity to be on.

If anyone is interested in finding out out more about us please visit our Web site: Esperanza USA

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At July 5, 2006 at 2:12 PM, Anonymous Blass Vodner said...

I find Mr Cortes comment about who should decide whether or not Puerto Rico becomes a state or not, not only ridiculous, but insidious as well. . . Not only is that the responsibility of Congress, but it should NOT EVEN be a question here, as ALL treaties and agreements between foreign States are handled by Congress under the Constitution, treaty power is their's.

I find Mr Cortes comments to be insidious, and this certainly isn't the first time, perhaps Mr Cortes should DROP the title Reverend and add the Title of Activist- Insurrectionist? He obviously doesn't support the Constitution of the United States, maybe Mr Cortes can name a place that he would rather be, and tell us ALL about the freedom's that he can get there. Mr Cortes where is there a better place to be and live. You are free to denigrate U.S. policies, only in the last 10 years have people been able to do so in Mexico...

Mr Cortes you are a government subversive Sir, and that is really odd too, because 99% of people in this Country would rather live here in peace with prosperity than some other place, but not you apparently.

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